Jake and I needed some time together...he needed a break from the hustle of everyday and I need a morning of just the two of us. A Mommy and son date! So we took off for breakfast at our favorite place.


Counter service at The Pop Shop and his favorite breakfast. He was a happy boy and I was a happy momma! He is growing up so fast...finding it hard to let him go! If I have learned one thing in the last few months is that this life is not mine and I can't control anything that happens. So I am going to do my best to enjoy my children and guide them down the straight and narrow paths as best I can. For now, I loved having a  morning with my boy. We don't get many of these types of days anymore.

A Tea Party

So I am not the girly type...but I have to say that ever since I had Lizzy I have been secretly hoping that we could do a tea party for her and her friends. And I got my chance!!!

So it was more of a lemonade party than a tea party. We went small, she picked the guests...the brother wasn't an option but she still wanted him there. Highlights: Large engineers print from Staples (my favorite), paper pink and gray striped straws, mason jars, snowman ornament craft, pink flower cupcake liners, green and pink paper pompom, the perfect tea sets from The Christmas Tree Store (I love that store), pink carnations, sandwiches cut with cookie cutters, great friends.

Happy Birthday Lizzy!!

It is amazing to me that she is 4...how did this happen?? Where has the time gone??
She has grown so much...
She is the light of our lives...
She is talkative...
She amazingly loving...
She loves princesses and all girly things..

Jeff's birthday is two days before Lizzy's so they shared a Holland party with MomMom too and we had a Reinert/Spatola party just for her...on Jeff's birthday :-) We had a Mommy/Daughter date the day of her birthday. Jake was in school so Lizzy and I spent the day doing whatever she wanted. She got her ears pierced at Sweet and Sassy...she picked out the cutest pair for sparkling earrings. Chick Fil A was her lunch choice. In her very subtle way she told the cashier at Chick Fil A that it was her birthday and after they brought us out our lunch they brought a balloon and a special ice cream sundae and sang her happy birthday. It was really sweet and I think it made her day! It was a really fun day! The next day we were able to send in cupcakes for her preschool class. She was so excited! And we couldn't let the celebrations end there...for her friend party this year we kept it low key...just a few friends and a simple tea party for five! Saving that one for my next post!

With her recent health issues this birthday was so much sweeter for me. Now that we know it is nothing serious and very managable our heavy hearts have been lightened. I can't wait to see what God has in store for her!


First Sleepover

My Florida family has come home and it gave Jake the perfect chance to have his very first sleepover at our house last weekend! My cousin Matt is not quite 2 years older than Jake and they always play so nicely...so we started the night with some Nintendo DS-ing. Matt wasn't here more than five minutes and they were at it...it's a whole new world!

Elements to a perfect sleepover!
Pigs in a blanket with mac N cheese for dinner
laying on the floor to watch The Avengers
crazy rounds of DS gaming
Morning pancakes!
 Both Lizzy and Jake loved having cousin Matt here. And it won't be too long before we invade their beautiful Florida home!!!


I'm Here....I promise!


So 2013 is barely here and I feel like it is going to fly by already! And I have so much to share with you. I am putting some finishing touches on a few different posts including a diy that I am in love with!!!!
But for now check out this awesome blog that I found while scrolling through Pinterest.

She has some awesome ideas for just about everything...and I love the Christmas stuff. Wish I had found her a month ago! Well, go check her out!!!