Me, Mom, and Vincent

On Good Friday my mom and I took advantage of a day off work for her and my hubby. He was able to stay home with the kiddos and I was able to go see the special exhibit Van Gogh: Up Close at the Philadelphia museum of Art.
I just love Vincent!
Sunflowers is my favorite!
(I wasn't able to take any pictures of the actual exhibit)
After we took a walk behind the museum, a place called the Waterworks. We over looked the Schyulkill River and Boat House Row.
We had lunch at one of my favorite eateries in Philly, Jones!! A yummy portabella "hamburger" and ruben later we were stuffed!
It was a great day full of fun and talking.
Thanks mom!


My Lizzy....

This week I took my little girl for her first real hair cut. Yes she is almost 3 and a half and just getting her first hair cut.
This lead to a day of girlie pampering complete with green nail polish...her choice not mine. But they match her beautiful eyes!!
All of this got me to thinking about how very lucky and blessed I am to have this little girl in my life!
When  she was born I was scared, I can't lie. I have two brothers and grew up wanting to hang with the guys! I loved everything outdoors and sports related. Dresses and make up were never my thing!
But all of a sudden I was faced with this little girl and all that that brings. I have grown to love all the things she holds so dear...even if they are pink!
She is everything pink
She is sweet and loving
She is our little princess
She loves playing hide and seek, especially when the rest of us don't know we're playing
She has her daddy wrapped around her little finger
She has a complete protector in her big brother whom she loves very much
She is silly as can be
She loves to dance and make everyone around her smile
She loves Disney princesses and My Little Pony's

She is my heart

BTW this picture was taken just moments before she bolted out of the doors of Target...just because she could. I have a feeling she has a bit of my spunk in her!


I have been thinking a post over and over in my head, but never really got a chance to get it typed out. I thought about it every time I would be doing a simple cleaning, just trying to do a small job to help keep the house going.
Tonight I was looking through a few blogs getting ideas for...well...anything! And I stumble across http://theinspiredroom.net
With great ideas and  beautiful pictures I was captivated. And then I find the post that makes me say, "Exactly..."

Check it out...Here are four great ways to keep your house clean on a daily basis! I love everything about it, especially number 4. A clean kitchen = a happy momma!!

What little thing do you do to keep your house clean everyday?