Pinterest Friday...Homemade Art

I love love love a good diy project...
Even more when it is something for the kids.
This was so easy that I just couldn't pass it up

My inspiration...
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Amy Lou over at Southern Belle Soul, Mountain Bride Heart has such an amazing story that goes along with her adorable heart art. I love the shabby chic look...and of course it's DIY!!!

Here's how I did it!!

Paint and brushes
Mod Podge
Scrap booking paper
Vinyl letters from target
A favorite saying or verse

Step 1:
Mod Podge your scrap booking paper on to the canvas (next time I will just paint the canvas...the paper was a bit more  noticeable than I wanted). And, let dry.

Step 2:
Once you have picked out your verse cut out the vinyl letters and take some time to plan out how you want the saying to look.

And, once you have it the way you like...peel and stick!

Step 3:
Now here is where you can let your creativity fly...paint over the letters!

Step 4:
Let it dry...we have had some great weather here in South Jersey for the last few weeks. Window opening, breeze coming in, sun warming up...so great weather for drying painting!!!!
When the drying is done peel the stickers off....

And the final product...

Our favorite thing to say to each other...from one of my favorite books "Guess How Much I Love You"...something we say everyday to each other.

I am not only in love with the final product...I love the letters that we peeled off...
Don't they look great!!!! I just think it will be great to mod podge them onto a smaller canvas...hmmm

Happy Friday!!!


  1. What size canvas did you use?

  2. What type of paint did you use over the top? It's beautiful. And, for what it's worth, I love the paper underneath.

    1. thanks so much! I just used regular craft paint...what i had laying around from other projects.

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  4. Where did you get the letters from?

  5. How do you make the letters stay in place while you paint over them

    1. They are stickers. So I just peeled the backs off and pressed them on to the paper

  6. thanks for answering my question. But doesn't the sticker stick to the paper?

    1. They do but once u paint over them it's not so bad to peel them off. Sort if like painters tape.

  7. I love this with the paper underneath. I have been looking for a technique for a saying I want to put on a canvas and this is perfect!

  8. I am so very thankful to come across this. I have been searching for this kind of Art for a long time. thank you so much for sharing it. NOW! I cant wait to get started on a few Christmas gifts! YAY!