Tonight I am taking a quick breather to blog! Yes...I said this is my break! Ha! We have had a busy few weeks since Thanksgiving but I thought I would back track before moving on and share a little of our holiday.
Thanksgiving is spent at my grandparents house...it is a tradition that we have held for almost 20 years now.
It's a crazy time...but it's time to be with family!
And we had a absolutely beautiful day!

 how many GREAT-grandmothers do you know that get down on the ground for a tickle session??

 Piper out running everyone!

 It takes a lot of out takes to get us all looking at the camera! This isn't even half of them! :-)
Notice my 6 foot 6 inch grandfather in the last one!



I get a chance to spend sometime with my brothers, neice and nephews, uncles and aunt, parents and grandparents. That doesn't happen often.
We always take lots of pictures.
Mostly I love that I am giving my kids the chance to know something that my brothers and I did as kids. Playing football, sitting at the kids table, sharing dessert.
Now on to Christmas :-)

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