This House

This is our home...I love our little house in our little town
{which you may have heard about lately...Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco is our hometown boy}
Our little house needed some up dating, I have been waiting to do this since we bought the house more than 9 years ago. The front porch was a big selling feature to me.
I love front porches. I grew up playing on my parents front porch, listening to music and hanging out with friends. It still remains a great spot to sit and visit with my parents and brothers.
I love it!
But with two layers of out door carpet {YUCK!} and dingy siding it was time for an update! We thought this would be a perfect way to add square footage to our little home, too.
Here are a few pictures of the progress so far!
Don't you just love the brown cedar shake shingles??
I am beyond pleased with our new space so far.
And thanks to the energy audit we got before Christmas we were able to get rid of the oil tank that was below the porch and open that room up to get a full size storage room! Adding more space to our little house!
The excitement of what it is going to be over flows as I look for ceiling lights and doors.
Did I mention that we are also redecorating the kids' nursery into a bedroom for the hubby and me?? Nothing like project on top of project!
Looking forward to posting more pictures

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