I know it has been almost two months since our family vacation to Florida and I finally sharing some of our wonderful time.  We had an amazing time and even got in a few days with my aunt and uncle and cousins!
The adventure began way before we left NJ. I decided to create a count down to Disney for the kids...saw some great ones on Pinterest, of course.

Each day the kids got to take a clothes pin off the chart. I used my Cricut cutting machine, a sheet of red and black mickey mouse paper, and a good amount of stickers! I will post a tutorial soon but it wasn't difficult at all!

But here are a few pictures of our trip...

 We got to spend some time with friends!!

 Yea, I made that! Tutorial coming soon!

 just  a little proof that I was actually on the trip

 Her favorite non-human

Highlights...from Jake, The Pirates of the Caribbean ride and becoming a pirate for the day.
From Lizzy, The new Ariel ride in the new section of Fantasyland.
Mommy (that's me), while watching the Electric Parade on Main Street USA in Cinderella blew a kiss to Lizzy and without hesitation Lizzy blew one right back to her. Even the strangers sitting next to us said that was cool. And it was Valentine's week so we got to see the Princesses with their Princes!
Daddy (the hubby), taking Jake on Thunder Mountain Railroad. And watching Jake having the most intriguing conversation with Prince Philip from Sleeping Beauty...we still don't know what they were talking about but it just went on and on.
We ended our trip with a few days with my aunt and uncle on Marriet Island...the uncle works at Disney and nothing could be cooler! We spent time splashing in their pool with my two cousins and even saw a dolphin swimming through their canal. Great way to end a vacation to Florida!
We are already planning our next trip! 

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