My little foodies!

So it's been a while since I have entered the blogging world...4 months to be exact. It was a crazy end of the school year and a crazier summer! But we are not slowing down for a minute.
From our family trip to Williamsburg (pics to follow) to residing our house to all the daily activities that come with a 4 and 6 (almost 7 yikes) year olds. It's been a little stressful in the Holland household, but we are having fun too! And, I do have so much to share!!

One of the activities that my kids requested to do was to make our very own banana ice cream. It looked super easy when we saw it on Disney Jr so we thought we would take a chance at it.

Step 1. Cut up the bananas

Isn't she the cutest little helper???
Step 2. Put all the cut up bananas in baggies and throw them in the freezer for a while
The longer you keep them in the freezer the better.
Our first attempt was only for a few hours and they just weren't ready.
Step 3. Put the frozen banana slices in a food processor and let it do the job!

Step 4. Enjoy!!
This was a super yummy treat on a very hot July afternoon!!! The kids added some strawberries and loved it! It melts fast so eat immediately!
You can find the link to Disney Jr and their awesome kid friendly recipes from That's Fresh HERE

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