A Hero Birthday

So Jake really wanted to a Transfomers birthday...and me not wanting to go "commerical" with his party I decided to find a way to mix the Transfomers and the Fire truck ride we had already planned to have. I thought a good mesh of the two would be the Hero factor.

With that idea I went to the internet to look for decorations and activities. My fab friend, Tracey, is a great party planner and internet savvy so I started running ideas by her and searching through her blog, HiddenCupcakes.com, to find some good ideas. In a previous post I listed where I was able to find some of my ideas. But here are the results.

 Home made bunting                                 Streamers
    (DIY to follow)                                                                          

The table
After getting some advice from a friend, we used a large industrial table that we normal use in the basement. I kept the legs of the table folded and used paint cans to prop it up. This way there was enough room for all the kids to sit since we don't have enough chairs for all of them.
I tucked the plastic table cloth under the paint cans...I think the kids enjoyed our picnic style dinning!

Fire Station

 The Birthday Boy

 They got a little wet

Even the adults got in on the fun

Photo Booth
I made superhero capes for all the kids and had the great idea that a photo booth would be fun for them to showcase their best super hero posses....but it wasn't as big a hit as I hoped it would be. I was able to get some really cute pictures of those who were ready to take on this challenge!

 Great Cupcake! I ordered some really cute cupcake papers from Cupcake Social on etsy.com

 Great friends made this day such great fun

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