Summer Lovin'

Now that summer is coming to an end, and our crazy month of August is over, I can sit down and look back at what a wonderful time we had. My greatest pleasure, and blessing, was to host/celebrate the birth of my first born, Jake. He turned five this August and we spent a good part of the month focusing on him.
My fab friend, Tracey, over at Hiddencupcakes.com took some amazing pictures of Jake's kids party. We had such a great day starting with a tour and fire truck ride. Please take a look at her site for those fab pics until I can get all my pics, and thoughts, together. There was so much going on I want to be able to share all  my idease and the sources of a lot of the crafts.
Oh and be sure to take a tour of Hidden Cupcakes...Tracey has some great ideas and dyi and even a shop so you can have your own hidden cupcakes!!!!

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