Name Change

I have been thinking about changing the name of my blog. It really has been a little more about my life, my family, my kids and the things we do than anything else.
I love sharing what my two rugrats do, crafts I love, fun we have and maybe even some diy's.
The other day I was making curtains for the very first time. I have sown my whole life, but doing a basic straight line does not happen. I try my best to cut the fabric straight. The straight line just never happens.
Thankfully the curtains I was doing are very forgiving and my imperfections are hidden. I think they turned out great and put that finishing touch on each room...our bathroom and my daughter's room.

As I was looking at my new curtains and my non-straight lines it hits me...the imperfections are perfect. Well at least they looked perfect to me.
And that is my life...it's perfectly imperfect!

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