Great Advice!

A dear friend gave me some of the greatest advice, when it comes to style and design, that I have ever heard.
We were shopping in Old Navy, one of my faves!, and I was attempting to form an outfit including a wrap sweater. As we were discussing this she told me to look around the store for maniquans and see how they were dressed.
(Old Navy even has outfit ideas on their website...check it out here)
From that day on, whenever I walk into a clothing store, I scan the maniquans to see how they are pairing shirts, jackets and accessories.
For this style-challenged gal, it was such golden advice!
She also applies this idea to her home design. Using great mags from Pottery Barn and West Elm she helped me come up with some ideas to warm up my pretty blah living room and dinning room.
(I just love Pottery Barn! )
I will keep those mags handy while shopping at HomeGoods!!!

I have been blessed with some great friends who have styles, varying greatly from one to the other! I really love each of them and admire their unique style. I try to pick their brains, often, on how they decide or create certain things, whether it be an outfit or room decor!
For so much more than this I am truely thankful for my friends and their great advice!

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