MUDRUN!!!! Take two

Okay so I have one more to add before I say goodnight!!! Last summer a friend possed a challenge to me. A 10k MudRun...hadn't ever heard of one and wasn't a runner to begin with. Never really had been...even though I have been an athlete my entire life running never was something that I was good at. But a challenge is a challenge and I hardly ever shake off a challenge....so I took it. Much  to the shugrin of my team mates, all runners. I may have held them back with my lack of running prowis but I so loved the obsticales and of course the MUD...once Messy-Jessi always Messy-Jessi.

So now not even a year later I am doing it again...with a number of my good friends we will all wake early tomorrow morning and get ready to head to Washington's Crossing, NJ for a 5k MUDRUN (runamuck) . I am beyond excited that this time we have all coupled off and my partner is my best friend. My husband, Jeff, will be running with me. He can so out run me, which of course isn't saying much, but whenever we have been able to get out and exercise together he is the most encouraging partner. I am can't wait to complete the course tomorrow. Click here for more info on what the Runamuck is all about.

Here are a few pics from my first mudrun appropriately named The Beast of the East!
 The Mudi Chic girls
 Notice the water level mark on my shirt!
 The Muddy Shot!

 The last leg of our race...I have to say I was hurting by now with an annoying strain in my calf but I wasn't going to stop now!
The after shot...we are all still standing!

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