It's a blog summer!

So the summer has brought many fun experiences but has taken me away from the blog...and much needed organizing!!! But as I get back in the saddle I thought I would put together a little pictural of what we have been up to this summer!                                            
 Sprinkler fun!
 She didn't stop for a second!
 Not one second!
 And, he just wanted to play in the mud...such a typical boy!
 Water for the mud!
 Finally warm enough for the pool.
 Even the big brother loves the little kid pool.
 We saw an end to preschool for our little guy..which means kindergarten in the Fall!
That's him on the right with the coonskin hat...he was William Clark for the end of the year concert.
 We have also gotten some time to spend with family....cousin Carter James
My little God son swinging! 
Jake was excited to see a real plane up close...this is the plane that miraculously landed on the Hudson River in New York City. It was passing through our town on its way to North Carolina. Very impressive site to see and I got to share it with my four year old! 
 A day at Dutch Wonderland with the Holland clan...these two are twin cousins...born on the same day only hours apart. Can't believe they will be five soon. Time really flies!

 We had to spend some time at the water park.

 Ah, and the trip I had been looking forward to  for months has come and gone, but not without some amazing images to look back on!
"Oh Nantucket, if I were to get on thy soil again, I do think I'ld stay."

 Brant Point Lighthouse
 And it was everywhere! For someone who is deathly afraid of getting it again I was very careful everywhere we went. Still didn't take away from any of the absolute beauty of the island.
 Our mode of transportation.
 The sites on the streets have really inspired me. Loved the bold colors.
 Blue doors...need I say more? Coming soon to the Holland household. I just need to figure out how to paint a metal door.
 An amazing surprise to me was just how much I loved my Christmas present from my parents. As many who have known me since I was 10 know...I was obsessed with New Kids on the Block. Finally after twenty, yes I said twenty, years I got to see them in concert...with Back Street Boys. We had great seats with amazing views of the guys. I felt like that 10 year old who so wanted to see her favorite band just once...thanks Mom!
So most of my summer so far has been working in the yard with the kids. We have planted many gardens and had so many fun times together. But that is all for another post!

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