Love Crafty Moms!

I love to find other moms who make really neat stuff!
I was watching the Nate Berkus show in passing today and he was interviewing moms who work out of their homes. One of the moms, Kierstine Hathcock, who makes amazing kid furniture that are great storage, too.
Pricey yes, but totally adorable...a mom can dream, right?
Take a look at her blog and shop site (modmomfurniture.com) to check out her  hand -made products.
What would you pick?


  1. I like the Riley Paige Storage Box which of course is the most expensive one!! It is fun to dream sometimes! ;o)

  2. Anonymous is Gina J! I'll have to learn about blogs!

  3. I saw this on the Nate Berkus show about 6 months ago and I went on her site. They are really expensive, but cute! ~ Stacy

  4. Gina, i love all of them! This blog is complete theropy...and I need it!
    Stacy, I stumbled across the show today and searched Kierstine's site...and fell in love. I can't afford any of it right now but in love just the same!