This is my 100th post...and I thought I would have some amazing post with lots of things I have learned through doing this. But I don't...
I am working on getting ready for the Holiday Vender's show tomorrow. I am cutting fabric, sewing fabric and cleaning it all up...my work area is our dining room table! Not very convenient but it a nice open working space.
I am trying to keep the house managed...which is always a struggle for me on a regular day. I have been finding little nuggets of time when I can get the dishes done, put some laundry in the washer, and clean whatever needs to be cleaned at the moment. But now it is off to sewing for the next few hours...I will be in my happy place!
I am thankful for what my first 100 posts have been...for the awesome projects I have been able to share. And especially for being able to share a slice of my life with you.
I look forward to 100 more!

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