Holding Steady, well trying to

A dear friend of mine got an awesome tattoo a few months ago...an anchor. It was a symbol to her that represented a Bible verse from Hebrews..

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.
I know this is a verse that is near and dear to her heart and I found myself reflecting on it this past week. When if felt helpless, which was most of the time, I continually thought of her tattoo and what a great reminder it is. How wonderful it is too simply look at her wrist and remember where our hope comes from.
Lizzy had an EEG on Thursday...I am so happy my hubby was able to take the morning off to go with us. It was much more trying on me then I thought it was going to be. The tech had warned me that the test could bring on a seizure so I was not looking forward to this one alone.
But she did great...it was tiring but she did a great job at sitting still for around an hour.
To say that we were nervous waiting to hear about the results is an understatement. And I have been so pleased with how my pediatrician...she has been on top of this from the moment I contacted them.
She let us know that the EEG was normal and the EKG showed a possible abnormality but nothing that should concern us.We will still be meeting with a cardiologist and a neurologist over the next few weeks to go over the results.
I guess the most important thing we see right now is that Lizzy is acting like herself. She is happy and playing like any 3 year old little girl. I am still holding on to that HOPE we have and reminding myself that no matter what the out come is of all this I have a Lord and Savior who is holding my little girl. He is holding all of us!