Getting Started

So since I was a little girl I never imbraced the idea of being neat and organized. However, as I have grown older and began a family of my own, I see the importance of being neat and organized.

I believe it was my dad who dubbed me "Messy Jessi". I was always the one who got easily dirty whether it was playing out in the yard, or being at the beach, or eating ice cream. As much as I hated being "Messy Jessi" I know how true that is. Having just painted many rooms in my home over the last two years I have a number of t-shirts and shorts that will prove just how messy I can be!

Organization has always been a problem for me also. It has always been a struggle for me keep all my paper work in order. I am one to have stacks around my house, which drives me crazy but I just haven't found a good organizational tool or system that I can work with. So I spend time every week going through what is laying around and getting rid of stuff and making piles for each family member.

So this is my new beginning...I am getting organized. I believe that has to start with a really good spring cleaning. Which I have begun with the transition of my 2 year old girl into her new bedroom; big girl room that is! And, the cleaning out of my wardrobe and that of my husband's. In doing this I have also begun to rid our home of old toys and clothing through selling many things to a consignment store called Once Upon A Child and hopefully a yardsale next month, and the rest going to local clothing charities.

Right now I have made one "Forever box" for each of my kids. In these boxes I put favorite clothing that I don't want to get rid of...first outfits, outfit woren home from hospital, Christmas or Easter outfits, Phillies and Eagles outfits, etc.

As I work on my own organization style and find a system that works I will share. If you have any ideas I would love to hear. It may be one messy life, but it's mine!!!


  1. That's the "beauty" of being military and moving so much!! Spring Cleaning every move... like here in another 3 months! boo!

  2. We are so going to miss you guys...but hopefully we can keep up with each other through fb and blogging...gotta love technology!!!