That Pink Room

Let the painting begin...
Okay so here are some pictures showing the transformation of my bedroom to a princess room. The wall on the left is what the room looked like previously. We wanted a warm feeling to our room so we choose a very warm golden yellow and heavy curtains on both the windows and closets. But now it is going to all change.

Here you can see how very pink the room is going to be....Lizzy was very excited!!! and it was just one wall.

So after only one day of painting, with a lot of help from my sister in law, Janice, who occupied Lizzy so that I could spend the morning painting. It was hard to get all this done, especially after I picked Jake up from school. It was a no-nap day...

But I was desperate to get Lizzy out of Jake's room and into her own room again. We had spent two weeks trying to get the kids used to sleeping in the same room. But with bedtime not occuring until 10:30PM Jeff and I had enough. Both kids seemed to feel a bit displaced so again, I was desperate to create Lizzy's area and get Jake his space back.

Both of them enjoyed having another room to run around in....

and explore....

and destroy...but really what else is new???

It took another day to get the dressers moved around and filled. Actually these are my dressers but since Lizzy's dressers are stuck in the nursery with ALOT of junk cornering them right now, I decided to just use mine for her for now. I had this nagging feeling that I just needed to get her settled.

So here are the closets....the joys of having older homes sometimes is that you have the most random things like 2 built, not orginal to the house, closets right next to each other. The closet on the right has dry wall on the left side and back. The right side, that is not in the picture, however is panelling like the rest of the room. So I am planning on leaving this side open and eventually putting some toys in here. And I am making use of the sweater hanger for stuffed animals and the like.
The other closet will be her actual closet for her clothes...and since the rod is very high they will still be able to use the bottom of the closet as a hiding area which is one of their favorites things to do. I will be replacing the ugly green curtain with something a bit more mod.

Right now everything looks very plain but I am working on creating some homemade/restored furnishings as the Spring goes on.

One thing that I have really been amazed with since we have moved Lizzy out of Jake's room and into her own is how well the both of them have been sleeping. My kids have always been pretty good sleepers but they are also extremely social so having them in the same room together just amplified that! I love how much they like to be together but I have also been challenged to see that they need time apart. Learning as I go people!!! And loving every minute of it.


  1. Oh and you may say to yourself,"so what is the messy part of this?" Well as I stated before where there is paint I am covered in it. Not only were my hands covered in pink paint but my clothes and the floors were too. You can see that I did put down a cover on the floor but somehow the paint got under it. I really wasn't so much worried about it because i had to get it down in 24 hours. The floors are lamenant so they clean pretty easy. No worries!

  2. love the transformation!!! great job! my favorite part is how creative you were on the closet space;)

  3. thanks jill. i am still working on ideas but I want to give Lizzy a chance to live in the room for a bit. I am thinking of doing some kind of moral and putting a valance at the top of the open closet. Ideas Ideas Ideas.