Florida Adventures

Part of my Florida adventure was spent with my wonderful aunt and uncle and their two fabulous boys. They moved south nearly a year ago when my uncle took a job at the Happiest Place on Earth!!!
That's right...he is a Disney employee. Promoting him to the coolest uncle in the family {my apoligizes to my dad and his other brother...working at Disney can't be topped...heehee}
So while in Florida, do Disney.

 My favorite!!!

 It was a hot day!

{fyi...we love Disney, we love everything about Disney, we love princesses and heros, we love singing and dancing to our favorite Disney songs, we love Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Goofy, and even Donald, we love Disney Channel, Disney Store and downtown Disney, we love watching a Disney movie so that we can see Tinker Bell fly around Cinderella Castle, We love Disney...Period}

And we got some great time with the family in their new home, which we just love!

Wish we had more time to be with you and can't wait until we can visit again!!! Thank you for opening your home to us and allowing for this wonderful day to happen! You guys are the best!

I didn't grow up in a traditional family...we were a "step" family, though we never looked at our selves that way. My dad was my dad, and his parents and brothers were my family...even though we didn't share the same last name. Through this family I gained two great aunts and four awesome little cousins {not to mention the extended family}. They make my life full and complete. I am very thankful for each of them.


  1. We love you baby girl and we are so happy that you came! Xoxoxo

    1. Love you too!! And we can't wait until February!!!