Pinterest Friday....Hair Bow Holder

I have seen these bow holders on Pinterest and in every craft fair I have been to in the last year.
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This one was created by the creative minds at The Paro Post

 One thing is for sure...my daughter is all girl. Including wanting cute hair bows. But after a while they started adding up. So I thought this would be the perfect solution.

Here's how I did mine...

You will need 1 old frame, some paint, a paint brush, tape, a hot glue gun and/or staple gun, cute ribbon (ours was picked out by the girl) and clips of course!

Step 1. Paint the frame

Step 2. Cut ribbon and lay out on the frame.
I used tape to hold the ribbons in place until they were spaced just right

Lizzy was a great helper

Step 4. Check it out to make sure the spacing is good and use the hot glue gun to secure the ribbons.

 Sorry I didn't get a picture of the hot glueing, but with two kids running around and a hot glue gun hot I wanted to get it over with and put away.

Lastly, decorate it with the girl's favorite bows and clips.

She just loves it. It is so much better than the little bag they were in.

Side note: thanks to the boy who was not jealous at all about his sister getting something, but helped by taking pictures. He thought he was a big guy...and he is. We are getting ready to celebrate his 6th birthday. Where does the time go??

Have a great weekend!

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