Slow down!!!

With 24 hours since we returned from the hospital with my little girl I feel like I can reflect a bit better than I did last night. Most of that post was done through tears as the hubby made calls to his parents and brother and sister.

Even though today was filled with tears of worry I was so up lifted by the prayers from my friends and family.

As I was on my way to hospital, well I was a bit lost somewhere between Cherry Hill and Voorhees looking for the new Virtua, I may have been going a little fast...well that is what the police officer told me.

I think he may have seen the panic in my eyes, or the welling up tears, because he decided to let me go with a warning and gave me directions to the hospital. I had to stop and let myself absorb what has been happening. Remind myself not to think about the what-if's, and trust He who created me. To slow down!

I am so glad I had the opportunity to remember this because...

Seeing my little girl, the precious little girl that God entrusted me to raise, hooked up to an EKG machine was pretty difficult. But it was quick and easy and she was so brave...Like Merida! At least that is what she kept telling me!

We have one more test, an EEG, tomorrow. Luckily the hubby will be there...she loves loves loves her daddy. Praying that if there is a problem that it will be revealed, but if this was a fluke...please Lord let it be a fluke...that the doctors will know!

Right now I am listening to her singing and talking to her princess dolls in her room. Even at 9PM I am just so happy to hear her little voice telling her dolls that she loves them to the moon and back. We even had a little extra cuddle time...dont' tell the hubby!!

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