With moving my daughters room from the nursery to our old bedroom created a ton of work on my part. By doing this we lost a "storage room"...which really wasn't a storage room but that is what we were using it for. This room had to once again become the master bedroom it was before we had kids and the clutter had to go.

Due to my rush to move Lizzy into a "big girl" room I didn't get any before pictures. It had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the room in question was a total embarassment! Nothing!

But once we did switch rooms I got a few pictures.
This is the view when you get to the top of our stairs...not pretty! This is the hallway that leads to our bedroom. Really not the relaxing sanctuary I would like it to be. But at the time we were down a dresser and lost a ton of closet space by moving rooms.

This is the front of our bedroom...crammed with stuff waiting to be sorted into keep, give away and yard sale! The yard sale will clear out so much. And yes that is All My Children on the tv. The kids were napping!

And the other side of our bedroom...again not relaxing. But we were able to give the futon to a happy home (my sister in law!!!).

This room was a labor of love from both my parents and my in laws and both my husband and I. We worked very hard to create this room for my son and it was a great space for what we used it for. Now it will become my craft area. But it will remain such a loved area. But for now it is storage.

Much of what  you see is yard sale stuff...most is going to be taken to some kind of local thrift store if it doesn't sell. Some is craft things waiting to be used. But all is apart of my two week challenge.

One of my greatest weaknesses is procrastination. My college roommates can attest to me starting many 10 page English papers the night before they were due. So I am going to see if I can use this to keep me going. I am giving myself two weeks to prepare a yardsale and clear out and organize this room and my bedroom areas. I want it usable at least for crafts so that I can have a sewing machine out and my scrapbooking stuff easily accessible.

Over the next two weeks I will post pictures of the process of getting to the yard sale and getting all of our dressers in place.

Pray for me and pass on any tips that can help me out in getting this all done!!!!

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