Composting for a mom!!

Since i was little I always felt a need to be environmently conscience. I try to make sure I use as little power as possible. Turning off t.v.s and closing refridgerator doors. Not letting the water run when brushing my teeth.
One thing I have really been wanting to do for a long time was start a compost pile. It kills me every time I put produce scraps in the garbage. Just seeing the trash can fill and know it is going to some huge landfill felt wrong. So finally I went to Home Depot and got the materials I needed. Some chicken wire (or poultry fencing as they labeled it) and four stakes. I already had the hammer and shovel at home that I would also need.

Since we were having some really beautiful Spring days I decided where in the garden I wanted to place the compost pile and just started. I cleared a small area of extra Basically all I had to do was unroll the chicken wire into a square and used the hammer to get the stakes in the four corners securely.

After that it was all about the layering...green and brown materials. I started with a bit more dirt and some of the clipping I had trimmed off some evergreen bushes and shrubs in my yard. And then I added some fruit and vegetable scraps and covered them with some more dirt. We even added two cardboard egg containers. Added some water, just enough to dampen everything and let it cook.
So now when I am chopping up some yummy fruit for my family I always have an extra bowl for the scraps....because we will be putting it to good use!!
I have reused a large yogurt container to gather small scraps during the day.

This has become a chore for my four year old. He runs out with me when the scrap bucket in the house gets full and dumps it into the pile. We then add a bit of dirt over top to cover it. I am truely hoping this is a way to help my kids see how we can care for the Earth God provided for us. It is another great way to teach responsibility to my kids. And he thinks he is having fun the whole time.

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