Wrapping my kids DIY!!!!

One way I love to love on my kids is to make them home made things. Hooded towels are really simple so if you can sew a straight line you can do this.

First pick out a bath towel and two wash clothes that you love or they love.
Lizzy picked out pink and Jake picked out blue stripes.

This one was a bit more difficult because of the stripes but they were broad enough to match up easily.
Then put the two wash clothes back to back and pin them together on two adjoining sides.

...then sew them together

This will be the hood
Then pin the hood to the towel. I folded the bath towel in half, turned the hood inside out and matched the center of the towel with the seam on the hood. I pinned them together...
...and sewed again.
To make the seams a bit stronger...because I will be washing this often...I would begin to sew and reverse for a bit and back again.
I added a little ribbon to the hood of Lizzy's towel for a girlie flare!

Makes for two happy, and clean, kiddos!

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