The Sweet Life!

We love smoothies...and it took a bit of tweeking but I have perfected ones that my kids love. And it couldn't be a simplier recipe!
All you need is....
One blender
Yogurt...we love Stonyfield's French Vanilla and we get the big container!
Juice...we use orange or apple
Frozen fruit...my kids are strawberry freaks!!! but you can use any you like. Using frozen gives you the smoothie consistancy...you can use fresh but then you need to add ice. Sometimes I use both fresh and frozen. Depends on the time of year and what produce is available.
Put equal parts yogurt and juice and as much fruit and frozen stuff as you want into the blender and mix!

While I mix a special treat for the kids...they create artwork for me!!!
Then it is time to enjoy!!!!!

A great refreshing and healthy snack that won't fill them up before dinner...gotta love that!!!


  1. ohhh we are huge smoothie fans over here! have you tried adding spinach or kale? the kids can't taste it and it really adds to the nutrition;) thanks for doing the feature on my blog!!!

  2. Goodness the way my kids eat veggies these days I should sneak those greens in!
    Thanks for the feature on your blog...was kind of neat to see that!