I feel like so much of September has been filled with firsts...and I think this momma is a bit overwhelmed!
Jake started first grade which means the first time he is gone all day...ALL DAY!!!!
He loves it...I feel a little bit of me is missing. Jake is the ring leader around here. Lizzy has adapted well to being an only child from 8am to 2:30. But momma is still feeling like something is missing.
This also came with another first for Jake, staying for lunch and recess everyday. And the chance to buy lunch...it still cracks me up that this is something so special to  him. I think it makes him feel like a big kid!
Lizzy started pre-school...

this may be the biggest change for me. For the past 6 years I have not been without a child. I have always had someone to get out of the car when running errands or going to the food store. Now I have two mornings alone :-(
I am learning to be :-) about this
I was expecting that I would be a mess the morning of Lizzy's first day...but surprisingly I was kept it together through the morning and drop off. I even went to the parent meeting our preschool hosts and kept it together. It wasn't until I pulled up to Target, Lizzy's favorite store, I finally lost it. I sat for a solid 10 minutes in the Jeep, sunglasses on, music up, tears flowing....i missed my girl. To be honest, I am having a heard time just typing this...stupid I know, but there you have it. A softy, that's me!

On the lighter side, both Lizzy and Jake have taken up some more outside activities...Jake has taken to gymnastics like nothing else he has done. So he is now attending twice a week. He will also start participating in a chess club this month at his school.
Lizzy is also continuing gymnastics and she is two weeks into her first ballet class.
I have never seen her face light up like it has when talking about ballet, watching ballet, going to ballet class. She has such joy in everything she does!
So this has been a lot for this momma...my babies are getting bigger. They are becoming the people God is molding them to be. I am so thankful for who they are and who they are becoming, but it's still hard to see them grow so fast!

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