Playing in the Park!

I love nothing more than discovering new places with my kids and our friends. While Smith Memorial Playground isn't new, it was new to me.
Smith house, nestled in the eastern side of Fairmount Park, was built in the last 1800's for the youth of Philadelphia. The idea was for all the children of the city to have somewhere to go and play and be kids! What a beautiful concept and a wonderful donation from the Smith family. Oh and did I say it's free??? Yep, it is!

And boy is it fun even 113 years later!

 And the best part in my opinion...the giant wooden slide!

As I was attempting to take pictures as the kids came down the slide, sorry about the blur, there was a beautiful grandmother watching her daughter and grandchildren. Me, being me, somehow started a conversation with her. When I told her this was our first time there and that I had never done the slide before she was insistant that I "take my first trip down the slide". Now how could I go against a grandmothers wishes...especially after she told me how she did this as a child on the very same slide.

We didn't get a chance to head inside but I hear it is great too! Honestly, this was a great day. I love Philly but this didn't feel like we were in the city at all. We brought our lunch and made a picnic out of it. Simply a great time!
 Check out all you need to know about Smith here

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