Hand-made Love

So I have two amazing friends who recently had babies...
One a girl
One a boy
Which makes me very excited...
I love doing handmade presents especially for new babies.
I am all about the cute and simple yet functional...I never want to give a present that is just for show. My hope is that whether its a blanket, a lovey, or a burp clothe that it is used and useful for my friend and their new little bundle of joy!
But I have to say that I am running behind. Both of these bundles of joy have been around for a few months now and I need to get on the ball!!!!

So a sneak peak is in order!!!!

Aren't they just adorable??!!??
I love that I have a pile of pink and a pile of blue! Insert a squeal here!
I will be posting once the projects are done and delivered so stay tuned

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