Pinterest Friday...A Grate Cleaning!!!

Since we got our beautiful "new" stove five years ago the gray grates have been driving me. They get stained so easily...the cleaning was not so easy. No matter  how much I soaked, scrubbed, soaked, scrubbed with a Brillo pad (came close to scrapping paint off the stove with this technique so I put it away).
When I found this on pinterest I was so excited! No Scrub??? Was it too good to be true??? 
All you need is ammonia, large Ziploc bags, and a dirty grate.
So I figured I would give it a shot...what is the worse that could happen??? I might be out a few bucks, and have a kitchen that smells like ammonia {yuck}
Hint~make sure the Ziploc bag you have fits the grates. I made the mistake of  putting the ammonia in the bag first and then trying to fit in the awkward shaped grate....not a good idea. So  my suggestion is to put the grate in first then add the 1/4 cup of ammonia. Much easier...lesson learned!
After I put it in a Ziploc bag I laid them in a cookie sheet just in case there was leak. I was only able to do two at a time and I left them to soak over night.
Nothing says good morning like the smell of ammonia...just remember to open the bags in a well ventilated area. Our sink is not one of those types of places so this was a little difficult but I got through it!
Make sure you rinse and wash with soak before putting back on the stove.
Check out the picture above of the two grates...that is exactly what mine looked like. {never got around to taking pictures...mornings around here can be crazy} It was amazing. It has been sometime since I first did this and my grates are in need of some love again.
Remember how I said I could only do two at a time...well this is one that was never done.
Pretty bad I know.
This is one of the two I did do...and it has held up well.

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Have a fun weekend
we are off to reconnect with my son's wonderful kindergarten crew!
What's on your weekend fun list??

***Update~~Got a great idea from a friend...here's what she said on Facebook
Sarah 'Carter' Barnhart : Just a comment about your grate cleaning post! I do this too and LOVE it! I found out that it was faster to put them all in a trash bag and then sit it outside so my kitchen wouldn't get stinky. In the winter I stick the trash bag inside my empty washing machine (since my laundry is right off the kitchen). It's awesome!!

Thanks Sarah, what a great way to get it done fast!!! Don't think I can do the washing machine idea because ours in the basement but I love thinking outside the box to get jobs done!