Pinterest Friday...Art board

Some months back I posted some inspirations I had found on Pinterest and some other sites. 
A little of this, a little of that
I saw this as an easy solution to a huge problem we had...where to put all those wonderful art projects my kids create. Especially with the oldest in kindergarten, he was bringing home so many art projects!
And it was such an easy project!!!
The original post came from "a little of this, a little of that"
Head over here and check out some other cute projects. It could become as addictive as Pinterest!

Here is how mine turned out
I used two pieces of scrap 2x4 I had laying round...when I hung them I just put them side by side to look like one long piece. I painted them white, because that is what I had sitting around just waiting to be used. I purchased the clips at Target. They are magnetic silver clips that come in packs of two. I also bought a hanging kit for the back of the boards.

1. Paint
2. attach the hanging kit on the back of the boards
3. use wood glue to attach the clips
4. hang

 See, super simple!
Honestly, with the amount of papers and crafts that come into this house I think I may need to make another one...that way each kid can  have one. They get very upset when I rotate in new art work and have to take down old ones. I love that they enjoy seeing their work!

Happy Friday!

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