Morning with my girl

Today I was able to get the morning for just me and my girl!
It still amazes me that I have a girly girl...one who proclaims she is a princess in the middle of a restaurant the other day.
{brought to mind the scene in Kindergarten Cop}

 She loves to wear as much pink as possible.
She doesn't love the process of doing her hair but once it's up with a cute bow she loves it.
Dresses and skirts are her favorite!

So we got dressed up and did our hair...grabbed her new favorite pink turtle (thanks to mommom and granddad) and headed out to do something girly...make some beaded jewlery at Garden of Beadin' !

As we drove down the road, I saw this...a marsh fire that may have been caused by fireworks {yesterday was the 4th of July}. Seeing the smoke, and smelling it, I was afraid the store we were heading to was going to be closed.

But as we pulled in and saw the cars in the parking lot I felt better...
but that smoke was very daunting looking.

She selected a set that had three different shade of pink...yep!

She started off strong, but in the end I was finishing it for her as she told me which to put on next.
A braclet was also made...this time completely on her own.
It's a masterpiece!

 What a pretty girl!
 love this!
My creation!

While us girls were out doing our girly things....the boys were minigolfing with the little cousin.
Jeff and i have been trying to make time for each of the kids on their own. I know we only have two but we still think it is a good idea to make sure each of them get some one on one time with us. Today it was a girls/boys morning and I'm loving this time with my girl!
I think she's teaching me more and more how a girly girl really should be!

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