Sewing withdraw!

So remember  my post the other day about making gifts for my two friends who recently had little ones??
{If not check it out here...I am still infatuated with the fabric}
But the sewing machine I was borrowing from a friend is getting a little maintenance...this may or may not be do to the fact that it has gotten a good amount of use lately!
So I sit here with fabric to sew, projects to complete without a machine to do it.
And I search online for the perfect machine, so that I don't have to borrow any more.
{My friend who lent me her machine has gotten bitten by the sewing bug...yay another sewing buddy!!!}
So I search and I search, and I read reviews and I read reviews
There are just so many different machines and everyone has an opinion.

~confession...I do have two machines that I inherited...One is simply horrible and cheap, the other was older when I got it and I think has seen better days. the latter may get a visit to the repair shop and become a back up to whatever I find~

Until I come to a conclusion my projects will just have to wait.

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