Ok...I have to confess that I am a bit obsessed with my kids favorite music group, The Imagination Movers.
When my oldest was two years old (and the youngest was just born) we discovered their show on the Disney Channel.

Dave, Scott, Smitty and Rich...were a blessing in our home. With their up beat sound and fun loving problem solving skills they helped keep my little one happy when I took care of the little...or when I was trying to rest. He was mesmorized by them!

I also learned that each of the guys were professionals: Scott a teacher, Dave an architech, Rich a journalist, and Smitty a firefighter. They are based out of New Orleans and were all hit in one way or another during Hurricane Katrina. Since they have worked to rebuild their city, even taping their Disney Channel show from N.O.

Jake and I went to our first Movers concert two and a half years ago...and i have to say it was so much better than a kids concert. We have been to two more since, both with the hubby and little sister.

From the interaction they have with the kids throughout the entire concert to the covers of Van Halen, Journey and U2 we have had a blast each and every time.
On Saturday we drove out to Glenside, PA for their Rock-O-Matic concert...
 Shirts from last years concert...beyond excited and ready to dance!

 She had so much fun she couldn't stop smiling

 Big hugs and kisses for me while The Movers sang "I love you, Mom!" One of my personal faves!
 And yes they do play their own instruments!

 They danced in the aisle the entire concert!

 Doing their best 'Nsync dance moves

 They got to high five Rich, Smitty and Dave (you can just barely see Jake's forehead here)

 Jake was beyond thrilled to high five Smitty, a real live Fireman!

The day wouldn't have been complete without some Wobble Goggles!
They light up and blink and flash!

This was a great way to spend an afternoon...i loved seeing the smiles on their faces!
If you are on Facebook you can like their page and get more info!


  1. Looking for 2 pairs of the light up Wobble Goggles for my grandchildren. Can you help?

    1. Wish I could. It's been a few years since our last concert. But the movers have their own website...it's your best bet. Www.imaginationmovers.com. Good luck!!!