Today Jake got out some trains, which he hasn't played with in ages! I love that he can pick up something that he hasn't played with in so long and it is as if he hasn't changed at all.

(Sorry this is so dark)

It got me to thinking just how much he has grown and changed over the last almost 6 years. And I love him more every single day!

Jake is smart, energetic (beyond measure), and spirited.
He is all about Transformers, Power Rangers, and Star Wars.
He is outspoken (I have no idea where he gets that from)
He is warm, loving, and has a heart for the Lord.
He is a protector for his little sister.
He has surprised me with how much he has learned in Kindergarten over this last year.
He wants to be just like his Daddy!
He challenges me on a daily basis to be a better mom and person.
I thank God each and everyday for Jake, he is a blessing!
I love him so much....all the way to the moon and back!

BTW...last week we had to send in a picture of Jake as a baby to school. They are starting to write autobiographies and needed a baby story from us. I am so excited to see what this will become...I loved looking through all the pictures and pick one. The four in the middle picture didn't make the cut but how darn cute are they??? 

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