Scavenger Hunt anyone???

My kids are usually very good at entertaining themselves. They are creative and love to play with anything you put in front of them. But sometimes they are "bored"...believe me they have plenty to do but they need encouragement to do!
So today we Scavenger hunted...I loved this because it gave my five year old a reason to read and the items were easy enough for my three year old to help find.
This is a quick and easy activity for anyone to put together.

Here's what you'll need:
Something to write with...my preference a green sharpie
Something to write on...blue and purple construction paper
All you need to do now is write down things they can see walking down the street or in your backyard

This was our list:
Something Blue
3 green leaves
1 white rock
pink boat (this is one of our pool toys)
something round
a red car
a blue house
I just loved the way my kids were running up and down our street and even in the backyard.
I see a summer filled with some great hunts!


We are planning a trip to the Outer Banks {our first time...so excited!!!} and I think I will be making a car drive hunt with pictures for the little one.
Oh the possibilities!

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