Pinterest Friday....DIY Night Lights

Let me begin by saying that I am in no way an artist. But I do love a good DIY!!!
So when my daughter started waking up in the middle of the night complaining her room was too dark I began searching for something crafty to help me. I found this amazing site on Pinterest and decided to try it  out.

Pinned Image
The moment I saw it I knew this was the perfect solution. Check out the site here
I knew that my pink princess would like something that would match her decor!

With a couple canvases and stencils purchased at Joann Fabrics, and a lot of time, I came up with something she really loved. I used an exacto knife and some masking tape to put the Christmas lights on. I only used a strand of 35. Really, it is so bright I could have used much less if I could find them.
She just loves it. She wanted me to add a princess to the castle...like I said, I'm no artist so that may have to wait!

And when I do something this special for one I have to do something for the other....

This is a great project for the most anti-dyiers.
I love that I can give something of myself to my kids.

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