Photo Shoot!!

The other day was one of those really overcast, it could rain any minute kind of days!
My kids were all about being outside and play on the swings and blowing bubbles...there is nothing they love more on a windy day. (The think they are Peter Pan and Tinker Bell)
Someone told me that overcast weather is the best kind of days for an outside photo shoot...so I decided to bribe them into it!
With the promise of popcorn and mini marshmellows!

My kids are a handful, energetic, curious, imaginative, and fun.
My kids love each other...but don't worry they bicker and fight just like any other brother and sister.
Big brother is protective, a leader, and loving!
Little sister is bubbly, sweet, and sassy, and adores her big brother!
Their momma feels overjoyed and blessed to have these two wonderful people in her life.

I love them...all the way to the moon and back!


  1. Super cute pics Jess!!! My fave is the one where Tinker Bell has he leg in the air :)

  2. thanks trace...I hope they never grow up!

  3. Finally had a chance to sit down and look at these. I love them! The pictures are absolutely wonderful. You are blessed with two truly wonderful kids :)

  4. AWWW...thanks Jen!! Miss you guys! HOpe you are feeling good. Any baby news yet???