A Pumpkin Picking We Will Go!!!

Over the last week our little family has embrassed Fall and all of the wonderful things about it!
I have to say our most favorite thing about Fall is pumpkin picking.

First I got to take Lizzy with about half of her preschool class to Johnson's Corner Farm in Medford, one of our favorite places anytime of year! It was a rainy-ish type day so not many showed up...but the few who did come had a great time!

And since he didn't get a pumpkin picking class trip, Jake was eager to have his turn at selecting the very best pumpkin in the patch! Since he had off on Columbus day we decide to head out to Conte's farm in Tabernacle! We haven 't been there since Jake was real little. It is a no frills type farm. It has a market and a few animals. Lots of pumpkins and a bakery on site (smells great!!!). The hayride to the patch is super cheap!

We had a great time picking and them stuffing the Jeep full of all the fall decor we could fit!!!

The kids loved yelling at each other over the corn stalks!
We stopped at Chick-fil-a for lunch and Traders Joe's to pick up some pumpkin pancake mix!
It was a good day!

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