Sandy part 1

Here in South Jersey we are weathering Sandy....my last post came late last night as I was heading to bed and thinking about my oldest. He worries a lot about storms and such...he is very curious about many things but mostly about things out of his control. But he has had a great day working on Legos from my husbands childhood...really kind of cool to see him playing with 30 year old toys. Some things just don't go out of style!

We are stocked up on water, flashlights, batteries, radios, and food.
We are montering our basement regularly because we get water whenever it rains.
We are having a pj day and watching movies.
We are on the computer checking out the damage at our beloved Jersey shore.
We have had one flicker of electric going in and out.
We are playing games and passing the time together.
And finding out bubble wrap can be a great way to pass time!
The chili was made this morning and the apple cake is in the oven with the hopes that the electric lasts long enough to finish it!

We are praying for a safe night for all as Sandy makes land fall in the next few hours...maybe sooner.
Part 2 will be coming tomorrow...now on to planning more activities to hold off the cabin fever!!

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