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Sugar Bee Crafts
When I saw this dress I thought...perfect!
As my friends and family know I am vertically challenged...measuring in just over 5'1''...sad I know!
So to be able to make a dress that is long and fits me...yes please!
I also had a fun girls night coming up so I wanted it fast!!!

I ran to JoAnns and found some jersey type fabric...and I was very technical about measuring it.
I wrapped it around myself and rounded up. Always better to have extra then not enough!
Honestly, I followed Mandy's directions very carefully...I must have read them 20 times as I was doing this project. That's what happens when you are trying to sew as your 3 and 6 year old are running laps around you!
And I had to improvise a bit...
You'll get what I mean when you see the directions...I have a hard enough time sewing a straight line let alone cutting a perfect circle!
But in the end I loved it!!!
(photo from the only full length mirror in our house which is in our son's room)
(Picture care of my son)
I think all I need is a simple belt and it will be done!
One warning if you plan on making this dress...while I was shaping the top part and trying it on before attaching it to the bottom I was really worried it wouldn't fit.
I almost added some extra fabric under my arms...don't!!!
I decided to take a chance and see how it would all come together.
Because the material is stretchy you stretch out the top a bit to fit the diameter of the bottom. Just line up the seam in the back  and the front...pin it and pin it as you stretch it to fit around the bottom part of the dress. I have never had a dress that fit so well!!! Comfy!!!
I can't wait to do another one...
Thanks to Mandy over at Sugar Bee Crafts for the wonderful idea!


  1. great job!! I think you got a great fit too. with me, I thought a belt really pulled it all together. Love that it's super comfy!

    1. Wow, thanks Mandy! I really appreciate it! I already have plans to cut the neck line differently and add a belt to my next one! Thanks for stopping by!