Sandy part 2...thankfulness

When I woke up this morning it was calm....what a relief.
We had electric and very little to clean up around the yard.
I felt a bit of the cabin fever coming on!!!! So we headed out for lunch with some great friends! Ran to Target to work on birthday/christmas lists for the kiddos.
We headed home for some rest...the hubby had some work to do and the kids really needed some down time!
We had a wonderful relaxing afternoon playing, watching movies and cleaning the yard.
The kids loved running around and getting the wiggles out.
As we sat down to dinner everything was fine...until Lizzy gave us the scare of our lives.
She looked up at me and said, "I don't feel well, I don't feel very very well."
Went completely white and we jumped up and ran to her.
She quickly became unresponsive and staring off into space.
What lasted for just seconds, I'm sure, seemed more like minutes.
When she finally came around she was asking why she couldn't hear.
Immediately Jeff called 911, Jake at first ran crying to his room but we brought him out and he kept Lizzy talking.
Long story, trying to be short! We are home from the hospital...giving a call to the ped doc and a neurologist tomorrow. Need to rule out a seizure. We are thinking a little accident she had a few hours earlier may have caused this...she was belly flopping on mattresses that we put out last night. She seemed to snap her head back and hurt her neck...maybe a concussion??
We are putting our trust in God and that he will provide the answers so that we can put all our worries to rest.
So today I am thankful for protection through Sandy, for good friends and family to share both the good and the bad with and who are willing to step up and do anything. I am so thankful for God's protection of Lizzy tonight!

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