Chicken Pot Pie

A few years ago my MOPs (Moms of Preschoolers) group made a wonderful dish...one of my favorites!!!

Chicken pot pie!!!
And it is so simple! I have modified it from our original recipe but it still is great!
A few simple ingredients and you have a whole meal in one dish!
Frozen Pie Shells (make sure there's two in the pack)
I get the one with aluminum pie pans...that way I don't even have to wash a pie pan!
a can of condensed Cream of Chicken soup
a 16 oz. bag of frozen veggies
two chicken breasts cubed and cooked (I boil them)
sometimes I add cubed potatoes
Basically I get a huge mixing bowl and pour in the frozen veggie, the soup, and the chicken (once it's cooled off a bit)....mix up with a bit of pepper.
Pour it in on side of the pie shells and then lay the other pie shells on top, press the edges together.
You can either bake it immediately at 375 for 35-40 minutes or freeze it for later! 

That is great when you are making it for just your family, but this week I had the opportunity to make a few meals for some families in need. I live not five minutes from one of the roughest, poorest, and most needy cities in my state, Camden, NJ. A friend of mine felt the need that is so prevalent there...food for single parent families! So she has started an initiative to bring those families meals.

I thought this would be the perfect meal...I could get a full meal, veggies and all, in one dish!
So with the need to make multiple meals I improvised! I started by putting a whole chicken in the crock pot and let it sit for the day! This provided more than enough meat for two pot pies!
And the chicken falls apart so easily...very yummy!
I used a really huge mixing bowl and doubled the above recipe!
I was actually able to do this twice and used one for a dinner for my family this week.
Perfection! Three greatly nutritious meals to donate and one for us to have.
I only wish I got a picture after we cut into it for dinner!
Oh, and in our family of four there are never any left overs!

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