Birthday roundup!

Yesterday I let you know that I got my birthday wish...a morning to myself at my favorite joint. If you missed it you can check it out here.

Oh Friday night my dear hubby decided that for my birthday it would be fun to have a family dinner in the city {insert squeal here}
Philly is one of my favorite places in the world...and my hubby knows that!!!
I love taking the train from S. Jersey over the bridge and walking the streets of Old City or Center City. There is just something about it that has always intrigued me.
Living so close school trips were a common occurrence. From the Franklin Institute to the Art Museum to the history of Independence Mall, not to mention the oldest zoo in the country...we had a lot to pick from. My grandfather grow up just a few miles from Center City and has a love for it that he has passed down to most of us!
So when I got the text from my hubby asking if I wanted to dinner in the city...of course I did!!!
Last night we ventured to Max Brenner...oh my word, I'm drooling just thinking of it!!! As you walk in the aroma of chocolate has filled the air and all those dreams of what it was like for the kids in Willy Wanka and the Chocolate Factory come to mind.

I just love Philly and sharing that love with my kids...the hubby isn't such a fan of the city. He has worked there for nearly 15 years and that is what it is to him. haha But he will suffer one night out! He is my best friend, he is a selfless dad and husband and I can't imagine my life without him. I thank God for him and my kids everyday....they made  my birthday so very sweet and special

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