Do you YOU TUBE?


What can't you find on YOU TUBE??
I have to say that I am amazed at the things you can find on You Tube...from how to fix your toilet to things Aftrican Grey's say.
If you don't believe me go ahead and search.
It's perfectly free...and perfectly wonderful!
I just finished sewing a princess dress for my daughter's halloween costume and spent a lot of time searching different directions on You Tube.
From a french seam to basting to cutting the material out and marking it properly with the pattern...it worked out well!
If the kids are ever bored it is fun to search their favorite music videos such as Jack Johnson's Curious George video...we watch this
I love You Tube!!!


  1. We enjoy You Tube as well, but it's super imnportant not to allow kids to surf You Tube alone. We have found horrible things imbedded in seemingly perfect videos (like in the middle of Dora), so surf carefully!

  2. Our kids don't use the computer at all by themselves yet...they are usually looking over my shoulder.