Chalkboard paint

Recently I have become a bit obsessed with chalkboard paint. I have some grand plans to decorate my kitchen with an area just for chalkboard paint...but for now I completed two much smaller projects.

The first was part of our Mother's day gifts for my grandmothers and mom...I saw the most adorable painted pots on pinterest {the two above...aren't they so cute? I actually have two sitting on my front porch modeled after them.}
So I decided to give it a try and they came out just so darn cute!!!
~I love love love them~
My second project was making an old table...

                                 New again.
 Up first was so cleaning!!
 and a little tightening of some old screws!
 then sanding!
 And of course...keeping the girl busy!

 Loved the outcome!!!!
And so did the kids!

So what would you paint with chalkboard paint if you could?????

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