Summer Treats

Since this weekend is going to be a hot one...and I will be navigating on my own. Hubby will be gone with the Saints Prison ministry. I was thinking about making something special for my kiddos.

I posted our favorite smoothie recipe last spring. I'm going to make into ice pops tonight so the kids can have them during pool time tomorrow! Check out the recipe here
We have done smoothie ice pops before but not in a while...I just make the smoothie like normal and use cheap Target $1 aisle Popsicle forms. Pour the smoothie mixture in and put in the freezer over night. Very simple!!!
I friend of mine commented on my original post that you can add greens to smoothies and get the kids some good nutrition without them even  knowing it...how great is that!! Thanks Jill!!!
I am envisioning sitting by our blowup pool, kindle fire in hand {coffee by morn, lemonade by evening} with the kids playing outside all day. We shall see how this goes!
What are your weekend plans??


  1. Love this Jess. What a great idea! Hope you and the fam are doing great!! Miss you guys!

    1. We're hanging in there! Miss having you guys around but i love keeping up with all your goings-on on FB..your one busy momma!!