Pinterest Friday...or bust!

So this is not going to be a complete post...My little family is enroute to our next big adventure. Our first trip to the Outer Banks with my Holland clan! {insert squell here!!}Since I am sitting in a hotel room somewhere is Virginia I don't have complete access to my pictures for this project. Please forgive me...I promise to post a complete tutorial for this project in the next few days!
A friend pinned this wonderful diy poject from Super Jenn {check out her seatbelt pillow post here}. As I have said I am not a great sewer but I can sew a straight line! This project had lots of straight lines...and here was the first final product!
I have to say that I love how it came out, but this only came after having to totally rip apart my first attempt...thank goodness for seam-rippers!

See the tabs on top...that is where the velcro goes and I origanlly put the two tabs on the same side...that was wrong! So I had to rip apart the seams and resew! Not a huge deal but it just took up a lot of time. The fleece wasn't very cooperative.

I am not sure if it was just me but I found the directions weren't real detailed and I am a detail person. And, mixing in the fact that i was trying to do this while the kids were running around me and I was trying to get all my final packing done didn't help in me grasping the directions on Jenn's page.

And after having to completely redo a pink one for the girl {I just couldn't get the measurements to work} she also has one!

And with that, we are on our way to our first OBX experience!
I am sure I will have plenty of amazing pictures to share during this next week.
{come back for a visit}
And be sure to check out the complete tutorial for this seatbelt pillow in a few days.

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