Cleaning for summer!

With summer in full swing I am finding that the house seems to be falling apart!!!
Cleaning and such is not on top of my list.
Heading outside and visiting friends is taking up our time already {and summer just started this weekend for us}
But I'm realizing that letting the household duties go makes things much more stressful. So I have been keeping my eye out for anything that might help me get more and more motivated. I am one who loves to cross off things on my to do list...so I found two great sources {from Pinterest of course} that got me started.

and from Life on Paper 
Both sites have have great info and more resources that might interest you.

As school came to an end this year we were amazed at the amount of things my kindergartener brought home. I am struggling to figure out how to decide what should be kept and how to store those precious gems from our wonderful first year. {they have really become a cluttered mess and i have to find something to get them put away
I am looking for any and all suggestions, but I think i may have found something very handy.
The creative minds at Creative Organizing had a fab idea I think will work perfectly for us!

I the love the look and how easily accessible these binders are. They will be my next project.
I quickly went through some of the posts on Creative Organizing...I think I may become addicted to their site! So many wonderful ideas.
Saw this quote as I was scrolling through the blog on Creative Organizing...love it!
"Use your creativity to help you organize."


  1. I think I may snatch that first list. I always tell myself if I did "a little each day..." but it never works out :). I need a paper system too. Someone suggested scanning choice pieces in & making a photo book, but the binder system would be so much easier!

  2. I feel the same way about cleaning...and once you let it go just a little it is so easy to just keep letting it go.
    I've heard the same thing about scanning the kids work. First I think that's way too much work. And could get pricy. I just got a two inch binder at target for $5. I have scrapbook things that I can use to decorate it for Jake.
    I also think that having the actual art/class work will mean much more than pictures of them.

  3. Love the two sites and their ideas.... I also love the site http://organizedhome.com/household-notebook/
    and the idea of a household "notebook," or binder. What you can't fit inside... goes in the trash or can be kept in a special box under your child's bed. Maybe one thing a month. I can only imagine what real school papers are like, I have a hard enough time throwing away his cute crafts!

    1. thanks for the site...gonna have to check that one out!
      The school work is crazy. I got my binder and I'm going to start going through things tonight. Can't wait to see how much he has grown since Sept...not looking forward to sorting!