Happy Anniversary

Well, this Saturday I get to celebrate 11 years of being happily married to my best friend {I know this seems a bit cliche but I can't begin to tell you how very true that statement is for us}.

We don't have grand plans: Friday we are planning on ordering some dinner and dessert after the kids are in bed. Saturday I have a few plans with dear friends who are moving away {another post coming soon about that one...} and a pedicure planned{sweet}, with the evening ending at a baseball game with the hubby and kiddos{baseball is a love that we have shared since before we met so it is fitting that this is where we will be celebrating}.

While it is wonderful that we will be spending our special day together with our kids, I just have to take a moment, or many, to look back at our wonderful trip we took for our 10th.
This was the first time we were able to get away together since Jake was born so it was very important to us. It was nice to commemorate our 10th but honestly, we started dating when we were 16 and 17 years old...got married at 23 and 24 years old....so celebrating 10 years married was not the most important thing.
Getting away, somewhere new, where we could just be together was amazing! No worries about the house, no worries about the kids, oh yeah, sleeping in was kind of great too!
So with the advice of some really great friends we took a trip to Nantucket! I fell in love even before I stepped foot on the island!
{btw...I know I had these pictures a part of a post last year but they deserve another post just for them!}

Our ferry to the island
 Bye Bye Cade Cod, Mass.
 Hello Brant Point!

The Veranda House is where we called home while we visited Nantucket

The white deck is the Veranda House...this was the view from the Whaling Museum

A few pictures from our journeys....

 A creature we found on our way to 'Sconset...no one told me that we would be biking 20 +  miles going from The Veranda house to 'Sconset and back. We were exhausted but saw so many beautiful things!


The Whaling Museum...notice what is on the screen.

 Just across the street from the Whaling Museum is an adorable ice cream parlor that makes their own waffle cones as you wait...breathtaking!!!

 Brent Point Light house
 The water was FREEZING...but I just had to

 Legend has it that when you are leaving Nantucket, if you throw a penny as you are rounding Brent Point you will come back one day. So... 

We had such a wonderful time! I can not wait to return!

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