I'm a multi-tasker...I may not be that great at it but as a mom I find that if I don't multi-task I will get nothing accomplished.
So today I sent the kids to the backyard while I began to make pizza dough {from scratch!}. After mixing the dough the recipe calls for me to let it sit for 10 minutes. I decided to go outside with the kids and cut some blossoms off of my beautiful hydrangea...you know multi-tasking. Making dough...hanging with the kids...cutting the hydrangea blossoms...No big deal.

There was about 4  minutes left on my dough timer when I came back inside to get the flowers ready to be put in a vase. As I cut off the leaves of a few of the flowers something on the next flower moved...when I say I jumped three feet into the air and screamed like a little girl please believe me. I even looked around to make sure no one else saw me and I began to giggle. It was nothing more than a very small daddy-long-leg spider. 
So after getting rid of that I put the flowers in the vase and moved on to kneading my dough.
And don't they look pretty!!!???!!!

I love those moments that will break up an otherwise boring day!

Oh and just in case you thought I got the whole multitasking thing down...here's a look at how the rest of the table looked as I was cooking and getting the flowers arranged. I guess I'm going to have to work in straightening up to my list!

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